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Thinking and Destiny

In my early youth, I became aware of the effect of thinking upon human destiny. I was wondering though, why parents, schools and societies were not aware of this vital issue. How is it possible I was asking myself, such a conspicuous effect of the mind upon our life to remain entirely unnoticeable? Nothing in life arrives by luck or accident without first being planted by our own thoughts and deeds? Wealth, poverty, happiness, unhappiness, success, failure and what else, are all part of our thinking process. We become what our thoughts and deeds are -and harvesting exactly what we have planted there. Good luck, co-incidence and external opportunities for success in life, are only random voices of ignorance and superstition. They resemble the hooting of the owls in the night, which only the daylight will calm and silence. Little knowledge makes man dogmatic, superstitious and intolerant towards others. It closes his mind from any light, like the sea oysters do. Advance self-awareness though, opens the mind and brings wisdom, calm and tolerance towards all others. It understands the ever-present cosmic law around us, which respects and corporate like an inner sacrament. Deeper self-knowledge clears and brightens the spiritual horizons for soul’s eyes to wonder a little further. The human destiny as I said before is the result of personal thoughts and deeds. We are the sum of our inner thinking and personal actions. Each human face represents its thoughts and deeds in life. Confusion of character diagnosis is very rare, not even from blind humans. We single out the refine, sincere and disciplined characters, from the unrefined and undisciplined ones, like the partridges from the night bats. We are the architects of our future destiny, so no one is to blame or praise for our present fate but ourselves. We progress in life with the cosmic accurate law and not by pseudo-technical tricks. “Every physical and mental deed has its rewards and punishments accordingly”, said Oscar Wilde. Success, fame and prosperity, are the sum of many little good deeds, like the countless little unnoticeable night stars that makes up the luminous Milky Way. Failures to succeed in life are the accumulation of many selfish thoughts and deeds that extinguish any luminous achievement. We are wasting our time and effort in trying to pretend and hide the dirty tricks in life. They ripen slowly by themselves and appear wide open one day with the strong voice of thunder. The whole world has to hear and know what we did in our secret chambers. A few examples here I think are essential. DESTRUCTIVE THOUGHTS 1. Dirty selfish thoughts, waste nerve energy and the loss of trust from society. 3. Doubts fear and indecision crystallize in cowardly and unmanlybehavior, which ends in failure to succeed in life and eventually to slavery one day. 4. Laziness and gluttony, leads to unclean physical habit that ends up in disease and intolerance to wards others. 5. Hate, blame, jealousy, criticism and sycophantic thoughts, lead to hostility, loneliness and to court of justice many times. 6. Egocentric (selfish) thoughts lead to a habit of grabbing and loneliness, which builds the repulsive face like a vampire eventually. 7. Dishonesty and criminal actions, leads to coarseness, fear,insecurity, hypocrisy, disease of liver, mind and soul also affected. CONSTRUCTIVE THOUGHTS 1. Pure thoughts lead to temperance and self-control that ends up with mental and spiritual tranquility. 2. Courageous, confident and decisive thoughts, lead to initiative, leadership, trust and economical independence. 3. Physical and mental activity leads to physical and mental health with creativeness and economical prosperity as compensation from it. 4. Calmness, UN-peevishness and forgiveness bring refinement of character and love and protection from the public. 5. Loving and compassionate thoughts, lead to family and social harmony, which ends in enviable happiness and prosperity. 6. Openness, progressive thoughts and tolerance for others, leads to intellectual and spiritual bloom that the world loves and admires everlastingly. 7.Honesty and ethical actions, leads to inner peace, rectitude,confidence,sincerity with healthy liver, mind and soul. The cosmic wheel turns and writes uninterrupted and without a single omission. All our deeds and thoughts have been stored in its mental soil that we will harvest definitely some day. They are written with flaming words upon the door of eternity. Nobody can deny them; none can remove and nobody can escape. He, who put his hands in the flaming fire, will pay always with burning skin. The same exactly happens with our thoughts and deeds. Hate, jealousy, envy, revenge, fear, sycophancy, and all other selfish deeds, are fires that BURN. I hope some day; parents, schools and societies, will become aware about this vital truth and teach their offspring as soon as possible. Sooner than the alphabet, I would rather say. Only then and not sooner will we feel safer as a community, with less need for police protection, costly armies, courts of justice, prisons of embarrassment and the poverty at our doorstep; Poverty that tortures and agoniesthree fifths of our planet for centuries now.

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