Natural Hygiene is not a system of medicines, herbal remedies or any of the therapeutic arts which claims to cure disease by a certain prescription. We believe the body only holds the curing power, if properly understood and wisely directed.

All acute diseases are bodily efforts to remove obstruction from the internal domain, speedup the circulation and restore the metabolism- amelioration.

In chronic diseases, the body is unable to perform acute healing crises, because the nerve energy is depleted from abusing the natural privileges (over eating, wrong eating, coffee, alcohol, tobacco or taking palliative drugs and other habitual toxic stimulants to silence discomfort)

Our task is to find out where human nature has been violated, explain and assist the patient to correct them, in order to become well and stay well.
There is no disease without cause, and the cause is closely related to the remedy.
Herein you will find a simple nutritional guide and true knowledge to assist you back to natural health which will open your mind and Soul for a new free happier beginning