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What is Therapy

Nothing has been so misunderstood today as the word “Therapy”. It has taken the application of symptom suppressing pain killers as a form of cure. In reality they do nothing more than suppress the symptoms that create deadly chronic and dreaded diseases later on.


With the help of Dr J Tilden's view on therapy, I would like to illustrate what  real therapy means. “Therapeutics is that branch of medical science which considers the application of remedies as a means of cure. The drug idea is supposed to relieve and cure.

In the very nature of man, the drug-and-relief idea is bad, but if man is one thing more than anything he is a habit-forming animal and if his habits are bad and work towards his destruction he will accept relief rather than stop his habit which is a natural cure – if to stop a disease producing habit can ever be considered in the sense of a remedy or cure.


Drugs or anything that relieve without removing cause are questionably good and certainly an outrage and a crime, where the remedy blinds the physician as well as the patient to the need of searching for the cause and removing it”. 


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