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There are all kinds of tumours ranging from  benign, malignant or cancerous, nerve , bone , brain, glandular and too many more to mention. The causes of all tumours is always the same, long standing toxaemia, catabolic waste retained in the blood for too long. This toxaemic waste forms catarrh and causes subacute inflammation in the mucus membranes. hypertrophy of the tissue (thickening, enlarging) then takes place as tumours, growths or indurations. They vary in structure in keeping with the associated tissue histology. A simple fibroid will take on so- called malignancy (auto generation) if the environment inhibits expansions to the extent of cutting off the circulation, causing asphyxiation. The word “HYPERPLASIA” means an excessive formation of tissue.


It is impossible for a tumour to appear, unless the toxic waste in the blood is retained for too long, causing inflammation. This toxic waste will only stay in the blood as long as there is a low supply of nerve energy. The body needs good nerve energy to function and to eliminate its waste, without nerve energy we will not be able to exist.
Tumours cannot be cured permanently unless we clean the blood toxicity and restore the body’s immune defence to its normal state. No operations, radium treatment or chemotherapy will cure cancer permanently. Only through a drastic blood and tissue detoxification, together with a better style of living we will be able to eradicate cancer or any other disease for that matter. Educating the patient on what disease is and on how to live afterwards is absolutely essential.

Many of my readers will wonder, what on earth does Dr.Karalis mean by saying the absence of acute diseases like fevers and cold are symptoms of energy deficiency? Surely he doesn’t mean that we must have fever and cold in order to be well?
Paradoxical as it may sound my friend, this is the solid truth.
Colds and all acute crises are blood detoxifiers and restorers of the immune system. These are the body’s efforts to eliminate blood obstructions (mucus, phlegm, catabolic waste and acid) in order to free the circulation and restore normal metabolic function. The higher the vitality, the stronger the healing crisis are (like in the young children).

Every person in good health and especially children, have these healing crises once or twice a year and are totally normal (if blood toxicity exists). When an individual celebrates year after year in that they never get a colds in spite of coarse and abusive eating  it is certain that a chronic disease of some sort is on its way, (cancer, arthritis, ataxia(posterior sclerosis), parkinsons, asthma, sinusitis etc). This comes as a shock and sad news for most humans to hear. Certainly it will bring the strongest protest and loud hooting from the medical brethren. Naturally every owl likes to hoot in the dark, yet when we bring it out in to the light it stops hooting.

It will be better for the world, if the medical profession starts to realize the real cause of disease and stops chasing the virus superstition. A virus acts only under certain conditions, namely when a filthy environment exists in the circulation. They try to promote the elimination of the waste and not otherwise. We could not exist without their assistance! Antibiotics are the creators of new SUPER virus pandemics where death is the only relief for the afflicted sufferer. Vaccinations (pus of cows or bovines) and sterilisations with antibiotics are of the dark era of remedies modernised at moment under the new banner “SCIENTIFIC MEDICATION”.

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