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This is to thank you SO much for the wonderful opportunity to go through the natural hygiene medical treatment. Thank you for the sincere love warmth and personal care several times a day that you gave me and I saw that you give to each of your patients. This was so much worth it for the money and time. I only wish I could have stayed for 40 days like Jesus. 

I shared your address and contact details with My friends. They shared with me that they went to a place called Stellenbosch Hydro a while back but that it doesn’t compare with the personal attention Natural Hygiene offers.  


God bless you and keep you, wishing you continued success of the Natural Hygiene Clinic.

Thankyou from Chicago

Personal Attention

 Dear Dr Karalis 


Thank you 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for this amazing life change experience, for sharing your soul with your patients, setting the example of passion and belief in what you do, and a true reflection of a sincere commitment, is what opens one’s soul to prosperity.

I am doing well so far, enjoying my new eating program and will do a weekly planning which makes it so much easier.


Stay blessed 

Ansie Cilliers

Many of you asked for more details about the clinic which I would like to share here. Dr. Karalis is based in Hermanus (outside of Cape Town, South Africa) and is a hell of a determined and amazing individual. 

Guy Buttery

Guy Buttery

Dr Karalis
I love you so much for all you did for my family and continue to do. My children and my most loved people in the world have learned to heal through your program. Too much love to keep quiet about.
You wonderful people saved my family, saved me, saved my best friend and helped me gain the loves of my life… 2 beautiful children amid the blessings. I love you both so much!♡♡♡

Georgia Argylopoulos

Dear Dr Karalis,

It is a miracle that I can nap and sleep without medication. It is also a miracle that I feel much better than I have ever been in years.

Thanks to you,Dr Karalis, I have become more productive, beautiful and looking younger than my age.

The panic attacks that I had were gone after 3 weeks of treatment, if anyone had to ask me the best gift I ever gave myself in my entire life, I would answer, unequivocally, that it is the 6 weeks of treatment at your clinic.
There are no words that can express my appreciation to you and your beautiful wife.

When I came to your clinic I could not sleep or think straight without medication.
I was at a stage where medications could no longer work, I would be thankful to have one hour of sleep at that time.

My panic attacks were very severe and regular, I was not myself, I felt like I was going out of my mind.

You are the only Doctor that I know that commits to patients 24/7. You look at curing the source of the disease and help patients stop relying on medications, you make all food and drinks for patients, share your philosophy with all your patients and the list goes on.

Many of your patients have recommended you as a good doctor. But I am going one step further to also commend you as a great human being.

I sincerely appreciate the time you dedicated to me. You and your wife were extremely professional and attentive. I also truly appreciate your wife’s (Susan) counseling and love.

The very thought of hospitalization is scary and traumatizing. But the home environment, caring and friendly doctors like you make it a very pleasant experience.

Thank you again for your effective analysis and diagnosis as I would not be as functional as I am now.

Thank you for teaching me the difference between Fact and Faith: Fact is when any ordinary doctor diagnose an illness in a report. Faith is when good doctors like you give their patients the strength to recover.

I would also like to extend my appreciation to you and Susan for not only curing my daughter (who was diabetic and had ovarian cyst problems) but for taking her as your own grand child.
You both made her 3 months stay very comfortable and she felt at home with great people who gave her everything she needed beyond measure.

Thank you,



It’s with great pleasure that I write this letter and i feel enlighten to have been at your House/Clinic in Hermanus during February 2015. I will be thankful to you and your wife forever for the care and advice received.I have learn in 24 days of fasting how to deal with my daily eating and i feel much better mentally and physically. I must say that I never met a person like you that is truly dedicated and honest with his work. I lost 12 kg during the fast and now after two weeks that I am at home I have put on only 3 kg, which I think is normal. I must say again that is amazing what I have learned which I will remember for a long time. I had so much fun that I will be back again.

Thank you and hope to meet you soon for a hug..

Gigi Mazzocco
The Italian 

Gigi Mazzocco

Dear Dr Karalis,

It is six months since I spent a month with you, under your care in your home clinic in Hermanus, and I want to let you know how well I am doing and how grateful I am for your expertise, your wisdom, your conviction in our own nature’s healing ability. And for you and your wife Susan’s cheerfulness and sincere care of me while I was feeling vulnerable and scared.

As you know I turned 40 this year and am married with an eight year old daughter.  I had an oophorectomy – my left ovary was removed in an emergency operation following severe abdominal pain and a scan that showed a very large suspicious tumor. The histology report following that op detailed that the ovarian tissue removed by my gynecologist surgeon was cancerous. It was Stage 1B. Following my operation I was referred to one of the most well-known oncologists in Johannesburg. He ordered a host of blood tests and a CT scan.  The ovarian tumor marker blood test (CA125) showed up with a reading of 942. Normal in anywhere up to 30. So it was alarming. My abdominal CT scan showed a number of concerning spots on my liver, lungs and peritoneum and ascites fluid around my liver. Seeing these results my oncologist told me in no uncertain terms that I MUST go immediately and have chemotherapy.

I was shocked and scared but decided to rather invest my energy and attention in restoring my health in the way that  prescribes. I had heard great things about your expertise as a fasting specialist and of your clinic. And I am very satisfied, proud and happy that I trusted myself to make that decision which flew in the face of predominant Western medicine philosophy. Luckily my husband trusted my decision and supported me by taking care of our young daughter while I spent a month away from home with you.

You supervised my fast on water and fresh grapefruit juice for 26 days and the process of it was much easier than I had anticipated. I rested a lot, learnt so much from your daily talks with me about the importance of eating foods that are easy to digest and help to establish the right PH balance in my body. I was encouraged by your conviction that my own constitution has the power to restore a healthy equilibrium if given the chance and non interfering support to do so. It’s a radical paradigm shift and one I feel so grateful to have made.

When I left your clinic you advised me to continue restoring myself to full health through a diet of  raw vegetables, limited fruits, nuts, honey and some natural yoghurt.

On my return home, my husband was very anxious that I immediately do another CA125 tumor marker blood test. It showed the reading had gone all the way from 942, down to 120. All my other blood tests were normal. I was impressed. Still a bit worried, but nevertheless encouraged.  I told you the results over the phone and you encouraged me to continue eating raw food and to give my body a bit more time to heal itself.

I went back to my demanding full time job in public relations and ate in the way you recommended. I also showed my vastly improved CA125 blood test results to my gynaecologist. He was impressed, but skeptical. He did an ultrasound and saw there was a relatively small cyst on my remaining right ovary. He discussed my case with another oncologist and said they both recommended and advised me to now have a full hysterectomy. As a precautionary measure, due to my history of cancer and because ovarian cancer is hard to detect if it spreads.

I declined having that operation and decided to continue with my raw diet and to give my body more time with the new diet. Six weeks later I redid the CA125 and felt vindicated to receive the news that my reading was all the way down to 20. It was now showing that I was in completely normal range. Celebration!!!

I have stuck to the diet you recommend fastidiously. My only deviation is sometimes eating too much salad and more raw nuts than I should.  When I repeated the CA 125 test last month the reading showed it had come down even further, to 10. This is quite radical given that it started at 942 before my fast with you. My husband has been converted and can’t understand how people opt for chemotherapy when they could choose the path we did.

Aside from my blood tests now showing there is no inflammation in my ovaries,  blood tests show that my under active thyroid is no longer acute and I have dropped about 25 kilos of weight in total since the fast. I am really enjoying feeling lighter, slimmer and looking more like I did 15 years ago. My friends, family and colleagues all regularly comment on how well and good I look. How my skin glows and looks so young. How amazed they are at my will power to not indulge in all the regular unhealthy foods people eat.

I am too. I think the fast, under your care, restored my faith in myself and in my own nature. I want to continue living my life in congruence with this nature. Acting in accordance with it. Becoming more and more of the beautiful, vibrant, creative, independently-minded, loving and powerful woman I am. My career is starting to blossom. I am taking on leadership roles and they are being offered to me. I have so much more energy to tackle my work and more confidence in my abilities.

Right now I am on holiday at the beach and am on Day 5 of a grape fast. I wanted to give myself a boost and to do all I can to support my thyroid healing completely. I am amazed how easy it feels to do it, now unsupervised. It’s lovely to feel the sun and sea sand on my healthy skin, my mental clarity, calm spirit, assertive character and enjoy being with my family in health. I anticipate life will still get better and better!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do and the responsibility you take to lead and guide people back to confidence in the power of their nature. I share the naturopathy philosophy with anyone who cares to listen and hope that my friends benefit from it when they face health crises.

Please carry on doing what you do and I hope you will be able to mentor someone and guide them to do what you do.

My very best wishes and very warm fond regards

Jacqueline Wijtenburg

Dear Dr Karalis,

You are really quite a remarkable man and I feel very privileged to have been able to spend time at your clinic. Thank you for the guidance and support during my amazing journey of a 30 day fast. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and wisdom with me on a daily basis. I took away with me many valuable life lessons.

From a health point of view I came to you with a variety of issues from , fibroids in the breasts , digestive problems to thinning skin and my main issue Blepharospasm. You assured me that I would walk out of your clinic healed, I just had to exercise patience and let Nature take it’s course ..

I am in a much better state than I was when I came to you and am delighted with my follow up program which I am diligently  following knowing now that this is a process and continual healing will take place by adopting the natural way of life.

Once again , thank you to you and Susan for the encouragement and reassurance during my time at your Clinic.

Kind Regards,

Mal Drake

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Dr Dimitri Karalis and his wife Susan for their unselfish service to humanity.  They are the ‘unsung heroes’ of this world.

I first came in contact with Dr Karalis in 1996, when I was living in Johannesburg.  I came out from Ireland to live in South Africa in 1995, after having lived in Nigeria for sixteen years-from 1978-94.

During my time in Nigeria I got malaria on many occasions and I was given medicine to get rid of the malaria.

I was overweight and I had no idea of the natural way of way of eating. But I had this intuition that I wanted to live well. I was aware that I had abused my body in the past through wrong eating and the taking of medication for malaria. Fortunately I was put in touch with Dr Karalis and my life has never been the same since.

I started attending his clinic in Craighall on a regular basis, where he started me on a transition diet or a different way of eating. I had no idea of the importance fruits and the separation of starch and protein.   It was very difficult at the beginning and there was much opposition.  But I persevered and I believed in what he was doing and the way he was guiding me.

I then embarked on a long fast at his clinic in 1997. Since then I have never looked back with regard to health.  I am on no medication and I have never had to attend a medical doctor with any complaint.

I have kept in good health. It is more than a way eating; it is a way of life.  It is about being in tune with nature and how we are intended to live.  It is about taking care of the body as a vehicle to reaching one’s potential in life.  It leads to a greater appreciation of the gift of life.

In order to prepare for the autumn years of my life I have entrusted myself once again to the care of Dr Karalis. Because I see all my colleagues are on medication for one disease or another, and I do not wish to go down that road. I wish to remain free from medication, therefore, I am coming to the end of another long fast with Dr Karalis in order to cleanse out my body once again. I have experienced the same care and attention to the human person as I did in 1997. If there is anybody who practices what they preach, it is Dr Karalis.

I can never my express my gratitude enough to Dr Karalis for opening up for me a whole new of life that I have never imagined.  It has lead me to a greater confidence within myself as a person.  I have ventured and undertaken many tasks that before this were beyond me.  I cannot imagined what life would be like if I had not come in contact with Dr Karalis.

I have just tasted my first papa and pineapple after a long fast and it is the divine food of the angels!

Thank you once more

Martin O’Connell

Martin O’Connell

Dear Dr Karalis,

Looking back on this past week, reminded me that it was one year ago that I spent 19 days with you at your clinic in Hermanus. A huge thank you to you and your lovely wife Susan, for the wonderful care and support you provided me during my stay. Although to date, I have not been totally relieved from my PMR problem, I can honestly say I’m 95% back to normal again and since my spell with you I take no medication whatsoever – a heart check with my specialist in Johannesburg earlier in the year incidentally, indicated that my blood and heart condition was totally back to normal. I’m due for another check in March/April next year (something I need to complete to receive cover with the new medical scheme we recently joined) but it’s merely a formality within my book to please the medical fraternity, as I personally feel just fine.

The fasting experienced was really awesome and something truly to remember, not to mention the many discussions we had on proper eating habits.

I’ve joined our local gym, play regular golf, swim and enjoy lovely walks on our beach, so what more could one really ask for. Life has been such a blessing and as you so rightly pointed out – the human body is the engine and repairs all worn-out parts and tissues – all it needs is time, limited stress, all coupled to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

May your Christmas be filled with all the joy and happiness one could wish for (trust you will be having your children with you again this year?) – When in the Hermanus area again, my wife and I will certainly take the time to pop in and say hi.

Fond regards,

Errol & Mal Drake

Errol & Mal Drake

Dear Dr Karalis

For 16 years or so I had suffered terribly from a tumor on my womb.
According to the very many specialists, a professor of fertility and high
ranking doctors, my womb was being replaced by abnormal cells, with the tumour
producing its own dna and taking over the healthy tissue.

The formal diagnosis was advanced adenomyosis and the repeated suggestion
was to have a hysterectomy.

I had several operations; 7 DNC’s, 2 laparoscopies, and many cycles of
experimental hormone therapy. One hormone therapy has since been
discontinued due to its cancer causing effects.

I never did listen to ‘good’ advice and decided I would not have a
hysterectomy. Every month I suffered extreme blood loss, and unbearable pain
for 6 days, sometimes more.

My career in education was on hold due to incapacitating pain, even when I
was not having a period. Even just standing up too quickly would send
shooting pains down my back and legs.

When I first heard of Dr Karalis, I thought it would be a good idea to try
the natural route to health.

My first fast was a happy calm experience which lasted about ten days. I
felt much better afterwards, although the pain was still unbearable during a

I did a follow up fast the following year and again felt healthier for it.
Several symptoms vanished namely: polycystic ovaries became a
’misdiagnosis’, skin conditions cleared up, and myalgia was relieved. And
yet the terrible menstruation continued.

In 2011 I decided to have a longer fast with Dr Karalis, and stayed in the
clinic for a total of 37 days, 34 of which were fasting days.

What a beautiful experience it was to feel my body repair and heal. Most
days were pleasant, and I felt calm and energized. I walked to the beach and
spent much time absorbing the sun and fresh air in Hermanus.

After 21 days fasting, I could not feel the dreaded tumour, even if I lay
flat and pressed into my abdomen.

On day 34, Dr Karalis helped me break the fast with a bowl of strawberries
with honey. BLISS!!!

Upon leaving the clinic, I decided to strictly follow the doctors’ orders and
eat according to natural principals. Being a ‘foodie’ this was almost
impossible. Almost.

I managed to stick to the diet for about 7 months, then to follow the rules
about 65% of the time (I must be honest).

According to the medical follow-ups I had, there had been no improvement and
the scans showed the same old problem.


I felt so much better. I had far less pain. Only 2 days of blood-loss.
Energy. Health!!! I even went back to working full time, in a management
position with extended hours.

Did I mention I had spent over 11 years being heartbroken about being
infertile? My wonderful husband always stood by me but I felt like such a
failure, and that the huge amounts of money we had spent were all a big
waste on a ‘dud female’ such as myself.

The heartache and belief that I was never going to be a mother was very
deep-seated. I had no hopes.

But I was grateful to be a functional wife again. A wife who wasn’t always
sick or suffering, one who could earn a living. These things gave me

And for all these wonderful blessings, I have Dr Karalis to thank.

Thank you for making me whole again, for teaching me to heal myself and for
helping me realize that the medical fraternity do not always have the

Now, 2 years after my long fast and natural eating plan I am in good
health!!! In fact, I would say I am better than I ever even believed I could

I am a mother of a gorgeous ten month old baby girl, and my son is due in

No fertility treatments, no hormones, no pain, no operations, no hardships.
Just two natural pregnancies, both conceived within 11 months of each other.
What a year!!!

Dr Karalis and lovely Susan, thank you for teaching us the natural
alternative. Thank you for the calm environment to do the healing process
in. Thank you for the long-term friendships you make with your patients.

All my love, prayers and best wishes to you, your family and all the poor
ailing individuals who search you out. May they too experience more than
they could ever hope for, in great health.

Georgia, Mario, Christiana and baby-bump xxx

Georgia, Mario, Christiana and baby-bump

Dear Dr. & Susan Karalis,

I was very emotional when I left last week! The words just couldn’t come out! You welcomed me into your home with so much care and love and I have gotten very fond of you! It was like leaving my second family and I was very sad! A safe haven away from home!

I want to thank you for all the support, wisdom, care, love, health, wonderful food and the valuable chats! I have broaden my horizons with regards to my views on life!

My Parents and Janine have embraced my new way of eating to the extent that they themselves are eating the raw & the cooked veg, not having any coffee, alcohol or meat! They absolutely love breakfast and the vegetable bake! So do I! We always loved salad!

This was a wonderful journey and I am so grateful and thankful! I have learned so much through your knowledge and the example that you set and live by!

Wish that the whole world could experience health and life the way it was intended but destroyed by men!

The calmness and being connected is an incredible feeling! One that I am not giving up! Thank you so much! The two of you are very special!!!

Ps. Dr Karalis, you need to write your book!! All your knowledge and experience must be documented as it is incredibly valuable for generations to come!!

Lots of love!

Warm regards

Ame Labuschagne

Ame Labuschagne

Dear Dr Karalis,

My Mother and I were referred to you by a good Friend.

Initially, we had mixed feelings as to what to expect but, the results we witnessed spoke for themselves.

My Mother is sixty six years old and has suffered with Constipation for over 20 years, high blood pressure that ensured chronic medication for twelve years and severe Arthritis.   However, after she completed the programme / fast, she feels and lives like a different person.  My Mother is no longer constipated, her blood pressure seems to have stabilised and her Arthritis is now a thing of the past, enabling her to walk approximately five Kilometres every day.  In addition her eye sight has improved substantially and she has never felt better.

I am forty two years old and was diagnosed with an “overactive Thyroid” and three growths attached to the Thyroid.  Upon completing my treatment, I am happy to say that my Doctor has given me the “all clear” and I have a healthy Thyroid count, with no sign of any growths.

This has been a truly life changing experience for the two of us, both physically and emotionally and it is remarkable to discover that fasting can achieve so much more than just wellbeing.  It opens you up to discover your true self-worth, grants you confidence, positive and an energetic attitude towards life and lets you see what your purpose is and what you stand for as a Person.  This has been our greatest achievement through your programme.

I am honoured to say that “if you have not fasted, you have not lived”.  Only a handful of People worldwide have had the chance to fast and my Mother and I are blessed to be amongst the lucky ones…

With our heartfelt gratitude,

Tony and Veronika

Tony and Veronika

“You will wake up in the morning without any pain, full of energy, rested and healthy, eager to start another day!”
These were my friends words when she returned back home from a 5 week treatment at Dr Karalis’s Natural Hygiene clinic in Hermanus, Cape Town, South Africa.

Both she and i had been suffering from “thyroid problems” for the past 3 years.

Several doctors that I visited, all told me the same story over and over.  My thyroid had stopped working and all the symptoms that I was experiencing were all the direct result of the “hypothyroidism” Symptoms of depression, mood swings, constant tiredness, inability to wake up in the mornings, pains all over my body, pains in my joints especially the knees and fingers, headaches etc.

The doctors solution was the prescription of “thyroxin” that should be taken daily for the rest of my life. While the days, months, and years were passing, the symptoms only continued and became worse.  The quality of my life was not good.  Every day was a struggle for me.  Only the power and the sense of responsibility for taking care of my 3 children made me get up from bed in the morning.

It was after my friend had her first check up and after the conventional doctors had raised up their hands not understanding what had happened and she was cured that I decided to book for a treatment at Dr Karalis.

Friends and family would tell me upon my return if it was going to the other end of the earth for a treatment.  Without hesitation my answer would be “YES”

Dr Karalis’s treatment and guidance changed not only my life but also that of my family.

I no longer suffer or need to take any sort of medication and my check-ups are excellent.  I feel healthier and happier and extend people and family around me feel happier too.  I have learned how to lead a fulfilling life enjoying every day and constantly improving mine and my family’s health.

The treatment is not difficult, just challenging but very rewarding.

I would recommend anyone suffering from “thyroid” problems to give it a try!  They will not regret it.  Not only will they be cured but also the treatment would eliminate any other disease or sickness they might be facing.

It is a truly life changing experience!

Kind regards

Julie Boyadjian, Age 36
Nicosia, Cyprus

Julie Boyadjian

Nicosia, Cyprus

I came to Dr Karalis at 160kg at a height of 1,57m my body was swollen the pressure in my head and lungs was not explainable and although I had no pain I did not feel good, my skin colour was grey and pale the rings under my eyes a dark black in colour, I had constipation for the last 7 years, and although I just accepted it as a way of life, I never bothered with it, today I know this was my killer, as I did blood tests for a few medical policies they could never pick up anything wrong, my cholesterol was 3,5 which baffled everyone ,I was called a freak of nature ,I cut my eating to once a day thinking I did my self a favour ,last year during winter I landed up drinking 26 cups of coffee a day from 9am to 21h00pm when I left work 7 days a week  for 3 months ,I then switched to 3 litres of water a day ,I drank a chicory blend coffee and I thought I was clever, little did I know.

My body this year started craving chillies, I started mild, then tobasco, then I switched to habanero, progressed to the red savina, and when that tasted medium I started eating the hottest chillie in the world the bin jolokia at a round 1million and 50 scovile units, at the same time I began to crave raw meat, my steak had to bleed when I cut it, smoked bacon I could eat out the packet, what was happening to me the craving I could not explain, was I turning in to an animal, how could this be? My sense of rezoning was so disintegrated that I could not see the pain and damage I was causing to myself

Two and a half months later at 120kg and 40kg of weight loss a miracle of nature, I have tears of emotion in my eyes on the exhilarating feeling I have in my soul after fasting, if you want to know how I really feel I can answer by saying the following


” Thank you, Dr Karalis, and thank you Susan Karalis for putting a smile back into my soul, I leave with a heavy heart, because it feels like a son leaving his parents, you breathed life back into me, picked me up and showed me a way of life, sending me back out into the real world armed with a knowledge I will never forget, so I can survive with no fears.




It is indeed an honour for me to act as a reference for Dr D Karalis. Dr Karalis is well known to me as a friend and as the doctor of my son, who has been under his personal intensive care for more than four months. During this period, my son who was critically ill, and who could not be supported by other doctors for many years, was personally treated by Dr Karalis. In discussions of numerous hours we got to know him as a person who has an exceptional knowledge of his field of medicine and who is able to convey this in an understandable manner to his patients. During extremely difficult times his positive approach to life, his empathy with the patients and compassionate support has been an inspiration to the patients and those close to him.

He always impresses with his thoroughness, self-discipline and persistence. He has been, and still is, a moral support to the patient and parents even after being discharged from his clinic. He is punctual and spends an enormous amount of time with his patients, caring and motivating them, while at the same time, being an example and mental mentor. He freely shares his wide knowledge by explaining and informing in a honest manner. His patients always come first and he is always available to support and give advice. He is a man with a mission in life, who believes in what he is doing and is doing it to the very best. Dr Karalis is a balanced open-minded person with a great intellect and a healthy interest in life and people. His philosophical approach is an inspiration to everyone. He is a family-man who cares deeply for those close to him and those in need of care. He is honest and trustworthy at all times. I trusted him with the life of my son. Dr Karalis is a doctor in the fullest sense of they word. I trust that he may be able to assist people in need for many more years to come.

Prof Gerrie Smith
Faculty of Biological and Agricultural Sciences (University of Pretoria)

Prof Gerrie Smith

Faculty of Biological and Agricultural Sciences (University of Pretoria)

Dear Dr Karalis
Re. Belinda Quin
Thankyou for your tremendous help with Belinda.
She presented as follows : Chronic Brucellosis, been treated with all the medical schemes available for 9 years, been admitted with you with active Brucellosis and since being treated at your clinic has tested negative on her final tests..

Dr E.M. Holland-Muter
M.B Ch.B. (Pret) M.Fam.Med. (U.O.V.S.)

Dr E.M. Holland-Muter

Faculty of Biological and Agricultural Sciences (University of Pretoria)

Dear Dr Karalis.

I have travelled for many years looking for the secret to good health and nobody could help me until I met you.  I suffered a lot. Thank You so much for making me feel like a new person in only one week, I now look forward to my future. As my mentor to good health I am going to be asking you questions from time to time, as I believe in constantly learning more and more each day. Knowledge is very powerful. I don’t understand why Vitamins and Vitamin B supplements are bad for you, can you explain this to me. I take at present a natural tablet called Phyta Soya, a natural hormone replacement therapy. This tablet helped me go through the change of life more easily. It helped me to get fewer hot flushes, is this tablet also bad for me.? Best wishes to your family.

Kind Regards,

Maria Batchelder
ROHMS Consulting
Professional Bond Services

Maria Batchelder

Faculty of Biological and Agricultural Sciences (University of Pretoria)

I am 38 years old and in November 2006 was diagnosed with Hyper Thyroid which I had been suffering with the previous 12 months unknown to me. Once I was diagnosed then came all the medication, heart tablets 2 a day, then 6 tablets Cabimazole then all the vitamin supplements. After 3 months of medication and blood analysis no change it was recommended to me by my Endocrinologist to go for surgery and have my thyroid removed. It was then that I heard of Dr. Karalis by a good friend of mine, I was administered in his clinic in February 2007 out at the end of March It was there that I experience all his professionalism as a true Doctor of , kindness, knowledge, wisdom which is harder and harder to find in this day. In mid-April when back home after my therapy with Dr. Karalis. I returned to my Endocrinologist with all my new blood results upon facing the results and he personally giving me a full examination the Doctor asked me what I had done. After explaining to him the therapy I went through, he raised his hands up and said “I don’t know what you did! Who you saw! And how you did it but it worked!  All I have to say now on my part it was a true blessing for me to have found Dr Karalis and his wonderful Family, he has given back to me my normal health which is very important when you have a young family. I will always be in debt.

Marianna Jordanous

Marianna Jordanous

Paphos Cyprus

Dear Dimitri & Susan

Just a short note to say thank you for all your love and attention during the last 3 weeks. I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me and wish to express my utmost respect for the work that you do. Your dedication to your patients’ body, mind and soul truly touched my heart. I have not only found a true healer but also two new friends. People like you are hard to find and I wish you only the best for the future.

All my love and best wishes



Faculty of Biological and Agricultural Sciences (University of Pretoria)

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