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Dr Karalis

Dr. D. Karalis qualified  as a naturopathic physician in 1973 and has many years of clinical experience. His popularity was further increased with the opening of the first biological healing clinic in South Africa. He has had great success in many diseases such as: arthritis, neuritis, thyroid, nervous disorders, prostate enlargement, migraines, chronic fatigue, insomnia, dyspepsia, diabetes, early cancers, depressions, fears, lung diseases, obesity, dermatitis, drugs, alcoholic addictions and many other chronic and dreaded diseases. All his healing work has been done biologically by restoring the metabolism, renewing all organs and increasing the immune system naturally. He is philosophically minded and cares for his patients with daily lectures and individual support.  When he is given enough time to care for you, together with your commitment and dedication, positive results are a certainty for most diseases.

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