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Message for Doctors and patients’ The human body and the automobile engine are similar vehicles.

The heart is your engine;

The blood the gasoline;

The lungs the carburetor,

The nerves the sparklers or magnetos

The stomach the fuel tank, roughly speaking.

The human engine renews all worn-out parts or tissues;

Makes all repairs; eliminates all waste; makes its own gasoline (blood) and gives a good service for ninety years or more, with privilege of renewal if you will only make conditions favorable;

By simply applying in right proportions the five essential qualities of life;

Proper eating (quantity and quality)

Working (efficiently and honestly)

Natural exercising (not excessive)

Communicating (friendly and justly)

Proper Resting (without sleeping drugs)

The neglect or regular abuse of any one of these four essentials qualities is the cause of all pessimism, sickness, pain, sleepiness, egotism, crime and vice.

All criminals are usually psychosomatic diseased people, and most diseased persons have vicious criminal tendencies.

Diseases and wrong tendencies are easily preventable and curable, regardless of name or duration if the cause is removed early.

There are not many incurable diseases but only incurable patients that are impervious to truth (closed like an oyster).

Medical drugs, toxic herbal remedies and all surgical operations, do no more than suppress temporary bodily discomfort to severe health costs later.

When your automobile does not work properly, you find out and remove the cause

But when your body’s engine does not work well, you follow an old superstition and take into it many poisons (drugs);

Which if too frequently repeated, will cause you to have your appendix, tonsils, gallbladder, thyroid and other vital organs removed.

Even heart, kidney and liver transplants make you prone to illness and early death.

When you have too much alcohol, nicotine, excess of all kinds of food, drugs, and other poisonous by-products in your blood, your heart and arteries will not work efficiently and we call this heart failure, arterial thrombosis, stroke etc.

Too much work and too little rest will exhaust your magnetos (nerves) eventually.

A lack of regular exercise and cleanliness will fill the inside of your Corpo Mobile (human vehicle) with acid waste, mucus and other toxins (poisons).

The outside of your body will break out in pimples, boils, wrinkles, barnacles and finally you will make yourself useless in an active society.

Before getting into this kind of unpleasant situation, you have a sacrament duty to prevent this happening, if you are willing to try.

Internal cleanness is similar to God likeness.

If you are internally clean, you cannot be externally unclean.

If your food is small, natural, and pure, your blood will be pure, and if your blood is pure your body, mind, and soul will be pure.

It is easier to succeed in life with a clean and sound physical constitution, than with unclean and diseased one.

Tiredness, Fear, sleepiness, depression, headaches, poor memory, pains and lack of zest, are all indications of excessive waste accumulated in your blood and organs.

You lose nothing to ask for professional help, and if you follow your Doctor’s instruction faithfully, health and zest for life will return once again to you. Keeping body, mind and soul healthy is our own responsibility.

It would be better to choose an experienced and reputable Doctor to benefit from his advice.

To choose the right Doctor is your first priority, he must be a health example to help you honestly and effectively

The true physicians are supposed to be honest health instructors, who teach his/her patients how to correct their living mistakes in order to become well and stay well.

Any medical drug or herbal remedy prescribed by a qualified Doctor to cure disease and ignores the wrong living habits of the patient; is undoubtedly a professional blunderer and legalized quack.

Ignorance is life’s main enemy and especially in the therapeutic sphere.

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