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Healthy Explanations

(A message for doctors and patients)

The father of medicine Hippocrates, set primarily to each new doctor a definition along with the standard oath, that: "You cannot be a good doctor without being a philosopher at the same time." We know that a philosopher besides the reflective, observant and intellectual learning, is also a strict naturalist, and rightly so the ancient Greeks used to

call them Iatro Philosophers (Doctor-philosopher)

For this reason I would like to expand a bit on this definition with a slight variation: "You can never be cured completely by a physician if he is unable to explain to you in simple language, the real cause of your illness."

Illness means, that you have violated the functional law of your body and the only way to treat it effectively, is by understanding and correcting it.

With these thoughts, I felt it is necessary after 40 years’ experience in the therapeutic sphere, to explain in simple language the body’s function to my fellowmen.

As I wrote in my previous article "Food for thought", the body is a biological machine that works similar to the motor car. The car needs an interdisciplinary battery with cables for the production and distribution of kinetic energy. The body needs a brain battery and nerves as the interdisciplinary energy hub.

The only difference between them is that while the car renews its strength as it moves by the dynamo or generator, the body renews its strength only when it is completely rested through sleep.

Sleep refreshes our mental strength and as soon as it awakens, it begins to consume. From the moment our eyes open and start to move, our cerebral energy is constantly consumed. No matter whatever we do or how much food we eat the energy will be reduced, until we are forced to go to the bedroom to renew it and not to the dining room.

During sleep the body does not perform any physical and mental action, but is fasting completely. That’s why the English call the early morning meal‘breakfast’ which means the breaking of the fast. When the body is fully rested (through sleep), it uses the fresh renewed strength to repair the operational deficiencies and to clean the machine of the metabolic impurities (dirt).

You do not need much knowledge to understand that the body has renewed itself at night; you only have to look on awakening at the coated tongue, the unclear swollen eyes and smell the bad breath.

The darker urine and the colon action which is easily performed in the morning, indicate that the body was repairing and cleaning itself during sleeping. The deeper and uninterrupted the sleep is (with open windows), the better repair and renewing of the body.

When the body sleeps 7- 8 hours continuously, the awakening is happier and full of power, ready to take over the daily tasks. The crystal mental clarity and the renewed rich physical strength, gushing confidence, calmness and love are to be found in every communicating act of the day. Perfect health is determined by the level of mental strength and how cleverly we consume that energy during the day.

Now see below how to achieve such an enviable health:

The human body is divided into three (3) eight-hour cycles:

From four am (4) in the morning until noon, the body eliminates its waste.

1.No heavy solid foods should be eaten during these cleansing hours, except for fresh fruits in summer and dry in winter, any other solid food prevents the perfect detoxification and prematurely deplete mental energy, causing fatigue and early retention of metabolic debris. One works efficiently without appetite and no breakfast.

2. From noon to the evening at eight (8) body digests the foods easily.

(The body digests solid foods better in those eight hours when you chew them well and eat a modest amount. But we should not eat after eight (8) in the evening until four (4) in the morning because it creates indigestion and exhaustive fatigue on waking with a bitter taste on the tongue).

3. From eight (8) in the evening until four (4) in the morning, the body repairs and auto-loads the brain with a new store of energy (this applies to whoever sleeps normally of course without sleeping drugs).

(In these eight (8) sacred repairing hours one should not eat or drink anything solid or liquid, except water, if thirsty)

Cerebral energy manages the operation of the whole metabolism, especially the stomach, liver and the colon. The more the mental strength holds, the most perfectly does the digestion, the liver and the colon. Virtually all foods are stimulating, because they consume energy to be digested and excessive consumption creates nervous prostration or enervation. When mental energy is too low, the body is unable to function perfectly and cannot be self-cleaned and retains the undigested food and other catabolic toxic waste. Particular nervous exhaustion is caused by abnormal and unnatural foods, beverages like alcohol, coffee, smoking, fried foods and bad dietary combinations.

Often chronic indigestion with constipation is the cause for many acute, chronic and fatal (deadly) illnesses, as well as insomnia, fatigue, fear, intestinal fermentation, nervousness, poor memory, lack of confidence, heavy menstruation, enlarged prostate, colitis, malignant tumors and many other metabolic abnormalities. "The American philosopher Waldo Emerson says: insecurity, dogmatism and fanaticism, have their roots in a disturbed metabolism. When the liver is not functioning normally, it makes humans jealous, intolerant and Calvinistic, and when it is working normally, it makes them tolerant, loving and open minded".

Here we see clearly how a good health contributes creatively to our daily lives. Particularly to harmoniously living parents, a fact which is crucial to the sound development of their children.

When parents are healthy, their children are also raised better, by taking as an example, their gentle and loving nature to imitate them in their later lives.

I believe that every society will benefit if taught how to apply correctly the healthy ways of living responsibly.

Is it not the time though, for the medical profession to teach humanity healthy rules on how to eat and live, to relieve them from unnecessary sickness, pain, tears and huge medical expenses which often leads to an early death?

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